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Society of Change Ringers

St Mary-le-Tower Society of Change Ringers  -  Copyright 2020


We welcome visitors to our service ringing and practices, and will do our best to ensure that you will be able to participate in something suiting your ability.  It’s always best to contact us in advance just to check that we do not have anything special occurring which might alter our normal ringing.

The bells are available for visiting bands - for general ringing, quarter peals and peals.  However, we are a tower in the centre of a busy town, with many businesses and restaurants. We do therefore have to be very mindful of this and the amount of ringing that takes place is carefully controlled.  Please contact us in the first instance.

Tower Fees

PEALS rung for/accredited to:

The Suffolk Guild of Ringers

£5.00 per rope

(excludes Suffolk Guild peal fee)

SMLT Society of Change Ringers

£5.00 per rope

(excludes Suffolk Guild peal fee)

All other

£8.00 per rope


£1.00 per rope

Fees for Peals & Quarter Peals are payable in full for all attempts, unless lost through mechanical breakdown.


£25.00 minimum donation

Regretably we cannot accommodate visiting ringers  at the moment because of the Covid-19 pandemic